Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I need to establish something, If anybody wants to use any images in this blog for any purpose. You need to ask for my permission before you do it.


Worg said...

Hey man,

They don't give a shit if you stop blogging. The only people that will affect are the actual real readers of your blog.

As someone who is essentially bankrupt even though my digital work has been pirated literally tens (or hundreds? Who really knows?) of times, I can tell you that the best thing you can do is look at it like weather, a phenomenon you have no control over.

You may be able to sue people who use your images, however. I'd look into it. But I read your blog and I like it, and I'd be sorry if someone in Bulgaria who doesn't respect copyrights got you to stop blogging.


Frankell said...

Yeah, your totally right. I just wanted to vent, cause I was pissed.

Thanks for the words of advice, they definitely helped me to just forget about it.


laurelpaley said...

Hey Frankell!
I am teaching Life Drawing and Intermediate 2-Dimensional Design at LACC now. I wanted to use a few of your images in a presentation for my Life Drawing students, so that they could see the anatomical underpinnings of your monster characters (etc.).

Your work has gotten so strong!!! Woo HOOO!

Did you ever have Rey Bustos for écorché?

Anyway, it is great to see your gorgeous work.

Laurel Paley
your former teacher

laurelpaley said...

Oh oops,

So anyway I am asking for permission. Hope that's OK.

I promise never to profit financially, sell, print t-shirts, make toys, etc., and always to credit you. AND spell your name correctly.